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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Volume Volume 1
Release Date December 22, 2008
ISBN 978-4-06-365517-9
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This is the first chapter of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo series. It was released on December 22, 2008.

Mei Tachibana, a plain girl who is always gloomy, kicks the school's most popular boy, Yamato Kurosawa, by mistake. Trying to make amends, Yamato suggest they should exchange numbers so that they can help each other, but Mei refuses. Later on, with someone stalking Mei, she calls Yamato for help. He comes to help her out, but with a kiss...?


Chapter 1 (1)
Mei's friends blaming her for the rabbit's death
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While walking in the hallway, Mei Tachibana is stopped by a couple of girls who tease her about not having a boyfriend. Mei ignores them and walks off, leaving the girls to talk about how she hasn't had friends in sixteen years, let alone a boyfriend. Mei then remembers a part of her childhood, when she was wrongly accused of killing the class' pet rabbit by feeding it some strange grass, even though she had nothing to do with it.
Chapter 1 (2)
Nakanishi bumps Mei on purpose
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Somewhere in the school, Yamato Kurosawa and his best friend Kenji Nakanishi talk about the girls they met from Seino High. Nakanishi complains that there were only ugly girls and the cutest one had her sights set on Yamato, but he insists he didn't do it on purpose. Asami Oikawa then comes over and hugs him, completely ignoring Nakanishi. After a short chat, Asami walks away, and Nakanishi says it's unfair that even she seems to like Yamato. He then catches sight of Mei, he tells Yamato to watch him, then bumps into Mei on purpose. Mei doesn't get up right away and glares at Nakanishi, he apologizes and lies by saying it wasn't on purpose. She then gets up and walks away as if nothing happened.

Chapter 1 (3)
Mei kicks Yamato
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As the students get ready for the morning assembly, Yamato starts lecturing a few girls for wearing too short skirts. Ignoring him, Kenji spots an unusual knee length skirt and pulls it, even when he knows it was Mei. Without warning, Mei accidentally kicks Yamato, not knowing it was Nakanishi who pulled on her skirt. She angrily tells them not to bother her and die, then walks away angrily. At the end of school, Mei gets a note telling her to apologize to Yamato, who did nothing wrong, at the same time Yamato approaches her. He surprises her by apologizing for what Nakanishi did, saying it probably made her feel bad. He then tells her that he thinks she is an interesting girl, adding that they should be friends. He suggest they exchange mobile numbers but Mei refuses, seemingly unaffected by her response, Yamato gives her his number. Getting over her shock, Mei points out that he hurt his hands at the stairs and gives him a band aid. Although thankful for the band aid, Yamato says that he needs something for the emotional damage as well. Not quite understanding what he meant, Mei gives him more and leaves, leaving Yamato to think that she really is interesting.

Chapter 1 (4)
Mei's stalker
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The next day, Yamato continuously asks Mei why she hasn't called, and Mei just states that she hates phones. This causes her to show Yamato her phone which only has two contacts; her home and her work place. Mei then tells him that people betray each other all the time, and that school was just where people pick on someone else. She states that she didn't need friends. Yamato disagrees and tells her that not everyone is like that. But she just says they are. Later that day, on her way home, she notices someone is following her. Not knowing what to do, Mei enters a convenience store and tries to call home. No one answers so, with no other choice, she calls Yamaoto.

Meanwhile, in a karaoke place, Yamato receives a call from Mei asking for help. He
Chapter 1 (6)
Yamato helps Mei with a kiss...?
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quickly rushes over and she explains that a regular customer from her work place has followed her. Yamato declares that she is being stalked. After buying something, both of them exit the convenience store. Yamato puts his arm around Mei, slightly surprising her. Suddenly he tells her he loves her and kisses her, effectively making her stalker go away. Once he pulls away, Mei stares at him with a very bright, blushing face. Curious, Yamato asks why she is blushing and tells her that he kissed her to get rid of the stalker. Mei tells him she knows while pushing his face away. Yamato realizes that it was her first kiss. Mei confesses that she didn't think Yamato would come, but he says there was no reason for him not to come. He admits that he was happy when Mei called him and is glad that he was of help to her.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Mei Tachibana
  2. Kenji Nakanishi
  3. Yamato Kurosawa
  4. Asami Oikawa
  5. Bakery Farm boss
  6. Customer
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