Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Cover
Volume Volume 1
Release Date August 11, 2008 (Japanese)

April 29, 2014 (English)

Volume ISBN 978-4-06-365517-9 (Japanese)

978-1-61262-602-4 (English)

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This is the second chapter of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo series.

Mei Tachibana is invited by Asami Oikawa to go karaoke with them, there she learns of Miki Arai, Yamato Kurosawa's first love. Later on, she is once again invited by Yamato but declines. She decides to take a 'peek' on what is going on, and is spotted by Yamato. He confronts her about what she is feeling and all her questions about his relationship with Miki.


Mei's shocking dream

Mei's shocking dream

Mei Tachibana is suddenly jolted awake from her sleep with a dream where Yamato Kurosawa tells her he loves her and kisses her. As she goes about her morning routine, she grows slightly irritated with her new connection to Yamato. At school, Yamato surprises his group of friends by calling out and talking to her. When he becomes distracted, Mei is approached by Asami Oikawa who invites her to their karaoke get-together, much to Kenji Nakanishi's surprise. Mei tries to decline, but Asami insists, saying that she herself has been wanting to talk with Mei, then adds that Yamato would be happy if she went.

At the Karaoke place, Aiko Muto along with some others are shocked to see Mei going along with them, but soon enough they leave her alone. Sitting beside each other, Asami asks Mei if she is in love with Yamato, and if they've kissed or had sex.
Asami's feelings about Yamato

Asami confesses her love for Yamato

When Mei hesitantly admits to kissing him, Asami says that it was because Mei was cute. She then confesses that she is in love with Yamato, but because it was so easy for him to kiss her when she asked, she realized that he didn't like her the way she did, and there was no hope for her. Asami continuous by talking about a rumor regarding Yamato and how he's kissed all the cute girls at school except Miki Arai. She explains that supposedly, Miki was Yamato's first love back in middle school. Mid-conversation, they are interrupted by Yamato who notices them staring at him and asks Mei to sing a duet with him. Unable to avoid it, she agrees to sing with him but punches him in the end for forcing her.
"I just do it with who I want to"

Yamato tells Mei, "I just do it with girls I want to do it with."

The next day at school, Mei watches Arai and learns that she is like a doll, the complete opposite of herself. Watching her play around with Yamato, Mei realizes she dislikes knowing that he has feelings for her; thinking how rude it was for Yamato to kiss her without her permission, but he can't kiss Arai because of his feelings. At home, Mei gets a call from Yamato inviting her to another get-together with him and a few other schoolmates. Mei immediately says no, but asks is Arai is going. When Yamato confirms that Arai is indeed going, Mei asks him about the rumors and about Arai being his first love, to which he says it is. She the goes on about his kissing reputation among other things, but he says he simply does it with girls he wants to do it with, ending their conversation.

At the get-together, Arai comments on how this was her first time having a proper conversation with Yamato, despite having gone to the same middle school. She mentions his newfound popularity as well as the rumors about him kissing numerous girls, before boldly stating that he was in love with her in middle school.
"Just a peek"

"Just a peek."

Yamato does not say anything, leaving Arai to say that if he were to hit on her with his current image, she would definitely accept. She continues by expressing her annoyance with how he has kissed Mei but not her, to which Yamato simply says that it is because Mei is cute. At the same time, back at her house, Mei has determinedly decided to take a 'peek' at Yamato's outing, feeling slightly confused about why she cared so much. Back with Arai and Yamato, she proposes that they leave have fun on their own, telling him to follow her to the restroom when she left. Outside the restrooms, Yamato is shocked to see Mei watching him suspiciously from a corner. When he asks her why she was stalking him, she firmly states that she was on a walk, but he calls her out on her lies. Shyly, she asks if he is alone; if he is not out with Arai and is relieved when he says he isn't.
A kiss with no feelings

Mei's anger at receiving a kiss with no feelings

When he asks her what would happen if he was with Arai, Mei is unable to answer properly and abruptly declares that she has finished her walk and will be going home. He stops her from leaving, and confronts about her sudden interest in his relationship with Arai, saying that what she was thinking was obvious. Before she could properly respond, he kisses her, only to be roughly pushed away. Shocked, she demands to know his reason for once again kissing her without her permission, when he tells her that it was because he felt like it, she begins to cry. Angrily, she tells him that there are girls that could get hurt with his carefree ways of affection and that she was not at all happy with a kiss that held no real feelings.

A serious kiss

A kiss with both their feelings

Yamato kisses her again, but as she tries to push him away, he tells her his reason behind each kiss, overwhelming her with his, surprisingly, deep feelings about her. He asks her if she is in love with him, saying that he will continue to kiss her if she cannot answer him. Acknowledging her feelings, she tells him that her heart hurts when when she thinks about him. Chuckling, he tells her that that's what being in love probably feels like, saying that she is indeed in love with him. With both their feelings sorted, Yamato gives Mei a 'serious' kiss.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Yamato Kurosawa
  2. Mei Tachibana
  3. Asami Oikawa
  4. Kenji Nakanishi
  5. Aiko Muto
  6. Miki Arai