Template:Character Template (Chapter) This is the second chapter of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo series.

Mei is invited by Asami to go karaoke with them, there she learns of Miki Arai, Yamato's first crush. Later on, she is once again invited by Yamato but declines. She decides to take a 'peek' on what is going on, and is spotted by Yamato. He confronts her about what she is feeling and all her questions about his relationship with Miki.


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Mei Tachibana is suddenly jolted awake from her sleep with a dream where Yamato Kurosawa tells her he loves her and kisses her. At school, Yamato surprises his friends by calling out to Mei. When Yamato is done talking to Mei, Asami Oikawa surprises Kenji Nakanishi and Mei by inviting her to go karaoke with them. Mei tries to decline, but Asami insists, telling her that she herself has been wanting to talk to Mei and adds that it will make Yamato happy. Later in the karaoke place, Aiko Mutō along with a few other girls express their surprise at seeing Mei with them.

While they are conversing, Asami asks Mei if he is in love with Yamato and if she has kissed him. When Mei admits that she has kissed him, Asami states that, because Mei is cute, she was sure he did.
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Asami then confesses that she is in love with Yamato, but because she easily got a kiss when she asked for it, she knew it wasn't any good. Asami then explains that there is a rumor about how Yamato has kissed all the cute girls in school, but has not kissed Miki Arai, even though she is cute. She tells Mei that Miki is supposedly Yamato's first crush who went to the same middle school as him. Yamato then notices them staring and goes over and asks Mei to sing a duet with him.
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Unable to avoid singing with him, she agrees to sing with him but in the end punches him for forcing her to sing. During school the next day, Mei assess Arai, and learns that she is like a doll. The complete opposite of herself. She also realizes that she dislikes knowing that Yamato likes her. Thinking how rude it is that Yamato kissed her without her permission but cannot kiss Arai. At home, she gets a call from Yamato who invites her to go out with him and a few other people. Mei immediately says no, but asks if Arai is going to be there. After Yamato confirms it, she asks him if the rumor about Arai being his first crush is true. Yamato says it is.
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Meanwhile, as they are eating and conversing with each other, Arai states that this was the first time that she and Yamato have actually talked, despite having gone to the same middle school. She confesses that since he has gotten cooler, she would not mine if he hit on her. She even says that she is a little frustrated that, even though he has kissed Mei, he has not kissed her. Yamato replies by simply saying Mei is cute. She then tells Yamato to follow her after she leaves to, supposedly, go to the restroom, then the two of them will leave.
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Outside the restrooms, Yamato is surprised to see Mei watching him from the corner. When he asks why she is stalking, she hastily replies that she is out on a walk and not stalking him. She then shyly asks him if he is alone and is quite relieved when he says he is. She tells him that she thought he would be with Arai. When questioned as to what would happen if he was, Mei quickly declares that her walk is over and makes to go home. Yamato stops her from leaving and tells her that since they talked on the phone, it's always been about Arai. He tells her that what she was thinking was obvious before suddenly kissing her. Shocked, Mei demands to know Yamato's reason for kissing her to which he tells her that it was because he felt like it.
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Right after he answers her, Mei starts to cry and tells him that she does not want a kiss without feelings. Before she can say anything else, Yamato holds her against the wall and starts kissing repeatedly, telling her his reason for kissing her each time. He then asks Mei if she is in love with him. Unable to answer him properly, Mei starts telling him that when she thinks about him, her heart hurts. Yamato laughs a little but tells her that she is indeed in love with him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Yamato Kurosawa
  2. Mei Tachibana
  3. Asami Oikawa
  4. Kenji Nakanishi
  5. Aiko Mutō
  6. Miki Arai

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