Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Cover
Volume Volume 1
Release Date August 11, 2008 (Japanese)

April 29, 2014 (English)

Volume ISBN 978-4-06-365517-9 (Japanese)

978-1-61262-602-4 (English)

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This is the third chapter of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo series.

Mei Tachibana notices Kenji Nakanishi's interest in her new friend, Asami Oikawa. When two girls bully them both and start calling Asami, 'Melon Monster', Nakanishi attempts to defend her but only ends up humiliating her further. In order to help him, Mei tells him that he should just tell Asami how he feels instead of trying to act cool.


Following her kiss with the ever popular Yamato Kurosawa, Mei Tachibana has noticed a change in her high school life, the biggest being that she has started talking to people once again, even becoming friends with them.

When Mei Tachibana and Asami Oikawa are together in a cafe, Mei asks Asami about the girls who bully her by calling her 'Melon Monster'. Asami admits that she gets depressed easier when she is alone, but when she is with other people, she is, in a way, camouflaged. She then tells Mei that it was actually Yamato Kurosawa who defended her from bullies in middle school then adds that lately Yamato has been taken by Mei, who strongly denies it. Although Asami assures Mei that it is alright, she admits that she too wants a prince who would defend her. When Mei suggests Kenji Nakanishi, who she knows is interested in Asami, she quickly tells her that she has no interest in a prejudice guy like him and that she cannot forgive him for being mean to Mei. At school, Mei overhears two girls badmouthing Asami, she tries to defend her, only to be slapped on the cheek. Later on, she runs into Yamato who asks what happened with her cheek. Mei tells him it was because she fell down the stairs, Yamato is slightly doubtful but accepts her reason and puts a band aid on her cheek and tells her to be more careful so as not to worry him. When asked why he would worry about her, Yamato says that it is because Mei is his girlfriend. Mei is extremely shocked to find out that she is his girlfriend and asks Yamato again, he tells her that, that is how he perceived the kiss. She then tries to tell him that it doesn't have to be her because there are other girls, Yamato just responds by telling her that he doesn't pick his girlfriend from the girls who like him. Before she can say anymore, both of them witness Asami slap Nakanishi and after yelling at him, runs away. Yamato then goes over to an emotional Nakanishi, followed by Mei, and asks him what he did. Nakanishi tells him that he told Asami that she should hang out with him instead of Mei and joked about letting him touch her breasts. As Yamato starts to scold him, Nakanishi spurts out that Yamato wouldn't understand him because he is liked by everyone. Mei interrupts them and says that Yamato is well liked for a reason, she even states that Nakanishi will never be able to surpass Yamato if he couldn't see that. This causes him to get fired up and proclaim that Yamato is his enemy.

The next few days, Nakanishi desperately tries to get Asami's attention by watching her intently and trying to help, but Asami mistakes it for stalking and asks Mei if she knows anything about it. Before Mei can answer her, the girls from before walk up to them and start bullying them, telling Mei that she should worry more about herself before standing up for Asami. One of them goes up to Asami and tells her that the boys in school think she's a slut because of her big breasts. Intending to defend Asami, Nakanishi intervenes and confidently states that the girls are just jealous of Asami's big breasts. Instead, the exact opposite happens, and the girls proclaim that Nakanishi is one of the boys who want to sleep with Asami. As they walk away, they tell her she should just let him. Asami leaves before he can try to explain himself.

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Mei then speaks up and tells Nakanishi that she understands his feelings, but adds that he should not have said it like that. She then explains that since Asami has a complex about her chest, he should not only focus on that when he tries to defend her. At times like that, he should think about the other person's feelings and act accordingly. Trying to encourage him, she admits that she has never seen Asami so angry before, and says that Nakanishi may be special, since he is able to see other sides of her. She then tells him that next time, instead of trying to act cool, he should just tell her how he really feels. Later in the day, Nakanishi spots Asami alone in the classroom, but once she notices Nakanishi, she makes to leave but stops when he asks her if she could wait. There, Nakanishi apologizes for what had happened and says that although he tried to defend her, he ended up humiliating her and even adds that Mei got angry with him. He then suddenly states that Asami likes Yamato.
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Nakanishi admits that he knows Yamato is good looking and observant and an all-around cool guy who is liked by both guys and girls. He also admits he does not want Asami to like Yamato because he himself likes her. He tells her that he knows he is not cool like Yamato, but he is sure that he is the one who likes her the most.

The next day, Mei notices how Nakanishi and Asami act around each other and Yamato comes up to her and says that they are going out, much to her surprise. He tells her that Nakanishi said good things about her and that he is sorry for everything, this causes Mei to blush and say that it was no big deal.
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Yamato then wraps his arms around Mei's waist and tells her that the way she is clumsy but observant about the people around her and that she always says what she thinks no matter who she is talking, is something he loves about her. He even tells her that one day, he wants to hear her mouth say "I love you", and Mei wonders to herself if it is alright for her to fall in love and be an ordinary girl.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Mei Tachibana
  2. Asami Oikawa
  3. Yamato Kurosawa
  4. Kenji Nakanishi