Template:Character Template (Episode) We Kissed is the first episode of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo anime. It first aired on October 6, 2012.

Mei Tachibana, a plain, gloomy sixteen year old girl, kicks the school's most popular boy, Yamato Kurosawa, by mistake. Yamato tries to befriend her, only for Mei to say that she does not need any friends. Later on, when someone starts stalking Mei, she calls Yamato for help. He helps her out with a kiss...?


Arriving at school, Mei Tachibana is teased by a few girls who are constantly asking her when she last had a boyfriend. Mei ignores them and walks off, reminding herself that she hasn't had a boyfriend or a friend in sixteen years and she plans to continue like that.
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Somewhere else in the school, Yamato Kurosawa and Kenji Nakanishi start talking about their get together with the girls from Seino High. Nakanishi starts complaining about how all the girls were only interested in Yamato who tries to say he didn't do it on purpose. Asami Oikawa, a friend of theirs, then makes her way towards them. She quickly runs over to hug Yamato, completely ignoring Nakanishi, and asks him where he was the day before. After learning that he was out with the girls from Seino, she tells him he should invite her when he goes out to things like that. With Yamato's promise that they will go to karaoke sometime, Asami leaves for class.
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With Asami gone, Nakanishi asks if Yamato will take even Asami away from him, claiming that she was his angel. While Nakanishi continuously explains why Asami is his angel, he accidentally bumps into Mei. Still on the floor, she angrily glares at both of them, even though Nakanishi tries to explain that it was not on purpose. When she gets up and leaves, Nakanishi comments that she really was weird. Curious, Yamato asks who she was. Nakanishi tells him that Mei was in his class but she never talks to anyone, he even wonders if anyone has heard her voice, after his explanation, Yamato says that Mei seems interesting. As all the students are preparing for the morning assembly, Nakanishi catches some girls covering their skirts as they go up the stairs. He starts lecturing them, when their attention is taken by Yamato who promises them that he will go to karaoke with them sometime. Nakanishi then catches sight of an unusual knee length skirt and pulls it, only to find out that it is Mei. Without warning, Mei kicks Yamato, not knowing it was Nakanishi who pulled on her skirt. She angrily tells them not to leave her alone and to die, then walks away angrily.

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After school, Mei gets a note telling her to apologize to Yamato, who did nothing wrong, and at the same time Yamato approaches her. He surprises her by apologizing for what Nakanishi did, saying it probably made her feel bad. Mei also apologizes for kicking him by mistake. Yamato then tells her he thinks she's an interesting person as well as someone he could get along with, a little confused, Mei tells him she doesn't understand and when he tries to explain she says it doesn't matter and leaves. Later on, after Mei finishes feeding a stray kitten, Yamato appears once again and suggests they become friends, he also tells her they should exchange mobiles. Thinking he wants to exchange cellphones, Mei disagrees, and when Yamato explains that he meant numbers and not actual mobiles, she still declines. Seemingly unaffected by it, Yamato gives her his number and tells her to call him any time. In exchange, Mei points out that he hurt his hand when she kicked her and gives him a band aid. Although thankful for the band aid, Yamato says that his wounds wont be healed by just one band aid. Not quite understanding what he meant, Mei gives him more and leaves, leaving Yamato to wonder if she hates him.

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The next few days, Yamato constantly asks Mei why she hasn't called, after ignoring him the first few times, Mei finally tells him that she hates phones, to get him to stop. Yamato then asks her how she talks with her friends if she hates them, that is when Mei tells him she has no friends and shows him her phone which only had two contacts: her home and her work place. She then explains that people betray each other too quickly and only play nice until it becomes inconvenient, she firmly tells him that she doesn't need friends. Yamato disagrees and tells her that not everyone is like that, but she just says they are. After she leaves, Asami and Nakanishi find him and Asami asks him if he wants to go to karaoke, reminding him of his promise, therefore he agrees.
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Later that day, on her way home after work, Mei notices someone following her. At first she shakes it off and settles for walking a little faster, but when she realizes that the person is still following her, she panics. Not knowing what to do, Mei enters a nearby convenience store and tries to call her home. No one answers, and she remembers that she still has Yamato's number and calls him. Meanwhile, at the karaoke place, Yamato receives a call from an unknown number, when he answers, he hears Mei who asks him to help her. He quickly rushes over to where she is and she explains that a regular customer from her work place has been following her. Understanding the situation, Yamato tells her that she is being stalked. After purchasing an item, Yamato surprises Mei by putting his arm around her and exiting the store. Suddenly seeing her with an unknown boy, Mei's stalker asks her who Yamato is. Mei doesn't say anything, when Yamato suddenly tells her he loves her and bends down to kiss her, shocking her end effectively driving away her stalker.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Mei Tachibana
  2. Marshmallow
  3. Mei's Mother
  4. Kenji Nakanishi
  5. Yamato Kurosawa
  6. Asami Oikawa
  7. Bakery Farm Boss
  8. Chiharu Ogawa
  9. Customer
  10. Aiko Mutō

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • There is a third girl bullying Mei in the anime, while in the manga there are only two girls bullying her.
  • Nakanishi does not mention that the girls from Seino High were ugly.
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  • Yamato's sadistic nature does not come out.
  • Nakanishi intentionally bumps into Mei in the manga, however in the anime, he accidentally bumps into her while he is talking about Asami.
  • Nakanishi is the one who lectures the girls about wearing short skirts, not Yamato.
  • In the anime, Nakanishi doesn't know Mei is the one with the knee length skirt until after he lifts it up, in the manga he does it on purpose.
  • The scene where Mei feeds the cat is not included in the manga.
  • In the anime, Mei's stalker asks her who Yamato is, while in the manga, he does not talk to her and leaves upon seeing Yamato kiss her.