Kai Takemura
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Kanji 竹村 海
Rōmaji Takemura Kai
Gender Male
Age 17 - 18
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Professional Status
Occupation Student (2nd Year)
Affiliation Toumei High
English Voice Andrew Love
Japanese Voice Tomoaki Maeno
Anime Debut Episode 7

Kai Takemura (Takemura Kai) he is Yamato's junior high friend who used to be bullied. Because of that he hid and neglected his studies, so he decided to return to his hometown and repeat his first year of high school. He is currently a grade behind Yamato and Mei despite being the same age as them. After being bullied, he decided to exercise and has increased dramatically in height and strength. He feels akin with Mei because they were both bullied at some point in their life. He is a regular patron of the Bakery where Mei works and loves the theme park "Land". He is in love with Mei but accepts that she is in love with Yamato and tries to protect her from any attacks



He's normally a very serious, quiet person, but although that he acts in a very protective way in relation to Mei.


In middle school, he was bullied. It is shown in flash backs that during the bullying he is held down while some other boys take his shirt off and one other boy is apparently putting a cigarette to his chest indicating that he may actually have some actual 'scars' from his past. He then moved and later on went back to his hometown. After he meets Mei he finds Yamato and tells him that he is in love with Mei after a few emotional scenes with her (over how upset she is with the fact that Yamato is spending so much time with megu) when Kai confesses he loves her and tries to invite her to go to Land with him she declines and when Yamato comes they get into a brawl and Kai wins and after he warns Yamato not to mess with him and not to play around with Mei's feeling he leaves indicating that he is over Mei but in the end is still a good friend to Mei. After helping Megu by talking to her about her obsession with Yamato which helps her come out of her shell they begin to date.