Mei Tachibana
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Kanji 橘 めい
Rōmaji Tachibana Mei
Gender Female
Age 17 - 18
Birthday December 25
Height 155 cm
Weight 44 kg
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Professional Status
Occupation Student (3rd Year)
Affiliation Toumei High School

Bakery Farm

English Voice Caitlynn French
Japanese Voice Ai Kayano
Live Action Haruna Kawaguchi
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Mei Tachibana (橘 めい, Tachibana Mei) is the main female protagonist of the Sukitte Ii Na Yo series. She is a senior at Toumei High School and is Yamato Kurosawa's girlfriend.


Mei is a young, teenage girl with a petite figure who stands at a slightly below-average height and is easily one of the shortest characters in the series. She has short, brown hair with her bangs covering her forehead and big brown eyes which are noted to be quite sexy by Hayakawa.

After she starts dating Yamato, upon his request, she grows out her hair until it reaches just slightly past her shoulders. She also gains a bit of weight, but loses it as the series progresses.

Mei is also quite interested in fashion, a fact that surprises Yamato on their first date when he notices her looking through shop windows. According to him, she is the type to follow the latest trends and styles. Whenever she goes out with Yamato or to run errands, she dresses in light-colored, but cute, outfits. At school, she wears the standard female uniform which consists of a white blouse with a blue ties underneath a light yellow sweater, a knee-length blue skirt and white school shoes. At the start of the series, Mei was often teased because of the fact that her skirt was so long, as opposed to the length most girls chose to wear.


Before meeting Yamato, she is seen to be a cold person. After meeting him, she appears to be shy but was willing to stand for others like Asami when she was bullied by some girls.


When Mei was much younger, she was quite friendly to her classmates and often tried to talk with them. However, despite her efforts, she was still isolated from the rest. When she commented about her classmate, Misa's birthday party, the girl lied saying that she called but no one was home.

Misa feeding the rabbit

Mei watching as Misa-chan feeds the rabbit

When their teacher announced that the class' pet rabbit had died, the boys blamed the girls for it, saying that they were crowded around the rabbit before it died. Misa blamed Mei for it, saying that she forced the rabbit to eat some strange grass, even though Mei had nothing to do with it and it was really Misa's fault. Believing her, the teacher allowed everyone but Mei to leave and it is implied that she was punished for it. This incident caused Mei to believe that everyone was like that. She then started avoiding people and refused to get close to anyone, believing that she had no need for friends because she would only get hurt.



  • "People betray each other all the time and at school it's just a bunch of idiots who need someone to bully. I don't want to hang out with that kind of people. So I don't need friends." (To Yamato Kurosawa)
  • "They call your name when it suits them but when you call them they don't come."