Misa Profile
Nickname/s Misa-chan
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Misa was Mei Tachibana's classmate when she was younger. She was responsible for emotionally hurting Mei as a child and changing her outlook on friendship.


As a young girl, Misa was quite short with a normal, child-like build. She had short, dark hair that ended at her neck and dark eyes.


Despite being friendly to the rest of her classmates, Misa was not fond of Mei and did not count her as a friend. She was quite mean to Mei, leaving Mei out of events such as her birthday party. She also seemed to have quite a cruel side to her, lying about Mei being the one to feed the class' rabbit with strange grass and letting her receive the punishment.


Misa feeding the rabbit strange grass

Misa feeding the rabbit strange grass

Misa was Mei's classmate when she was younger, probably in elementary. When Mei tried to congratulate her for celebrating her birthday, she had no problem lying to her about it; saying that she tried calling but no one was home.

Misa, along with her friend, were crowding around the class' pet rabbit when she stated that it ate anything that was grass. Her friend doubted it, but later they both fed it strange grass while Mei watched from behind. When their teacher announced that the rabbit had died, the boys immediately blamed the girls for it, saying that they were crowding around it. Misa quickly blamed Mei for it, saying that she forced the rabbit to eat the strange grass. She then left Mei to take the punishment.


Mei TachibanaEdit

Despite being classmates, Misa did not think of Mei as a friend. She was quite mean to Mei and had no trouble lying to her and blaming her for something she had nothing to do with. Because of her treatment towards Mei when they were younger, Mei grew up without any friends because she felt that she would only get hurt.