Sukitte Ii Na Yo
Sukitte Ii Na Yo Anime Title
Kanji 好きっていいなよ。
English Say "I love you".
Genre Romance, Comedy-Drama,
Slice of Life
Author Kanae Hazuki
Published by Kodansha (Japan)

Kodansha Comics USA (America)

Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Dessert
Original Run December 22, 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 12
Director Asako Hyuga
Music by Yuuji Nomi
Studio ZEXCS
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks
Network Tokyo MX


Run October 6, 2012 – December 30, 2012
Episodes 13
Director Asako Hyuga
Written by Asako Hyuga
Released July 12, 2014 (Japan)
Related Works
OVA/s Someone

Sukitte Ii Na Yo (好きっていいなよ。, Sukitte Ii Na Yo. lit. Say "I love you".) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kanae Hazuki. The series tells the journey of an anti-social girl through her high school life: her problems, her friends and her drama-filled love life.

Sukitte Ii Na Yo has been serialized in Dessert since December 22, 2008 and is still ongoing. An anime adaption produced by ZEXCS began in October 6, 2012 and ended in December 29, 2012. The series' OVA, "Someone" aired on July 24, 2013 and a live action film was released on July 12, 2014.


Mei Tachibana is a quiet and anti-social girl who has gone through sixteen years without a friend or a boyfriend, believing people to betray one another too quickly. When she encounters Yamato Kurosawa, the most popular guy in school, he takes an interest in her and tries to befriend her, which she immediately refuses. When someone starts stalking Mei, she calls Yamato for help, who helps her by stealing her first kiss. And it is because of this particular event that Mei starts spending more time with Yamato and ultimately begins to branch out and befriend others.


Mei TachibanaEdit

Mei is the main female protagonist of Sukitte Ii Na Yo. Mei is a quiet, anti-social girl who, due to her past, has not had a friend or a boyfriend in sixteen years. But that immediately changes when she accidental kicks Yamato Kurosawa. Due to a certain incident, Yamato ends up becoming Mei's boyfriend and causes her high school life to be very, very complicated.

Yamato KurosawaEdit

Yamato is the main male protagonist of Sukitte Ii Na Yo. After getting accidentally kicked by Mei Tachibana, he becomes greatly interested in her and tries to befriend her, which does not turn out so well. After he helps her deal with a stalker, he becomes her boyfriend. And as he helps her make more friends, he starts thinking about his feelings for her.

Megumi KitagawaEdit

So far, Megumi is the only antagonist of Sukitte Ii Na Yo. She is an amateur model who, after meeting Yamato Kurosawa in Karaoke, transfers to his school to be with him. From then on, she continuously tries to sabotage Yamato's relationship with Mei Tachibana, going so far as to make Mei feel unneeded by her friends.

Kai TakemuraEdit

Kai is one of the main protagonists of Sukitte Ii Na Yo. He went to the same junior high as Yamato Kurosawa and was his best friend, but left due to the fact the he was being bullied. He later attends Toumei High as a freshman and surprises Yamato with his knew appearance. Kai is also quite surprised to learn that Yamato is dating Mei Tachibana, who he met in the bakery where she works. As the series progresses, Kai develops feelings for Mei.


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Sukitte Ii Na Yo is written and illustrated by Kanae Hazuki, the series made its first appearance in Dessert's December 22, 2008 issue. It was later obtained by Kodansha Comics USA for publishing in North America starting in April 2014. The individual chapters are collected into 15 volumes (tankōbon) with the first one published on 2008. The series is still ongoing with its latest chapter being released on October 2015.

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Sukitte Ii Na Yo Anime

Sukitte Ii Na Yo Anime

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An anime adaption of the series made its debut on October 6, 2012. It was produced by ZEXCS and directed by Takuya Satō with Yoshio Okuda who did the character designs, Yuka Hirama who did the art direction and Jin Aketegawa who was responsible for the sound direction. It has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America. The last episode of the anime aired on December 29, 2012.


The sereis' opening theme is the song "Friendship" by the late Ritsuko Okazaki and its ending theme song is "Slow Dance" by Suneohair.

The theme song for the sereis' live action film is the song "Happily" by One Direction.

Original Video AnimationEdit

The first anime side-story of the series was released alongside the manga's 12th volume. The series' first OVA, Someone, aired on July 24 2013.


With the release of the manga's 11th volume, it was announced that a live action film of the series was to be aired during 2014. Just recently, it was confirmed that the film is scheduled July 12, 2014, however this is only in Japan. The film will be both directed and written by Asako Hyuga. Haruna Kawaguchi and Sota Fukushi were cast as Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa respectively.

The film's main theme song will be "Happily" by One Direction.